Principal’s Desk

Dr. Jyothi R Tegnoor

MCA, M Phil, PhD

S.S. Tegnoor Degree College nurtures and supports a unique system of education structured on values and combines the tenets of academic excellence with corporate professionalism.

The primary objective of education at S.S. Tegnoor College is to create dynamic leaders in the corporate sector, entrepreneurs, academicians, researchers and professionals who contribute to the development of society and nation at large. We are committed to maintaining high academic standards and preparing our students to secure rewarding employment on graduation. At the same time we believe that at S.S. Tegnoor college students should develop as individuals, gaining in self-confidence and developing a sense of enterprise.

S.S. Tegnoor Degree College, is one of the top colleges affiliated to Gulbarga University. Our teaching, library and infrastructure will support the students throughout the course, develop their career opportunities as well as unfold their personality. We offer value-added courses to enhance student’s career potential. Learning is at its best in a serene atmosphere. So we provide a conducive learning environment. We have created a very homely atmosphere to the students and we mould them as per their ability.

“We – staff and I – are with the students in their quest for knowledge; celebrating their successes and watching their growth.”


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